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Officers & Directors

The officers of the Association are: President; First Vice President; Second Vice President; Treasurer; Parliamentarian; Recording Secretary; Corresponding Secretary and Directors.The officers and directors meet approximately at 6-week intervals during the school year to make decisions on policy and programs concerning the Association.Election of officers and directors is held in June of each year at the Annual Membership meeting. All members interested in being nominated for any position should contact the Alumni Office for procedures.


Executive Board

Aurora Workman - President
Lori M. Jorge - First Vice President
Charmian Smith - 2nd Vice President
Jay Goldfarb – Acting Treasurer
Tina Wynder - Co-Treasurer / Director
Valerie Anderson-Campbell - Secretary
Dr. Subrina Oliver - Parliamentarian


Dr. Corrinne Graham
Carolyn Henry
Sara Morrison
Dr. Lynnda Nadien
Albert O’Rourke
Colleen Stark
Jack Walters
Elizabeth Wellington
Dr. Scott Zukowski

Advisory Board

Larry Engel
Lily Kusko
Jewel Weinstein
Paul Tringali

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