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Weekend College

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Assistance with obtaining information relating to taking Friday evening - Sunday classes can be obtained by emailing us.


 Phone: 516.572.3554  

Weekend College includes all Friday Night, Saturday and Sunday Classes


How’s this for an unforgettable weekend? Take a class on a Friday night—or a couple classes on Saturday and Sunday—and before you know it, you’ll have earned an AA or AS degree.

When you register for NCC’s Weekend College, you’ll have access to more than 150 courses and many of the same degree programs we offer during weekdays and nights — from liberal arts and accounting to business administration and criminal justice. 


Programs of Study

Through Weekend College, a student may complete any of the following degree or certificate programs:

  • AA or AS degree in Liberal Arts
  • AS degree in Accounting
  • AS degree in Business Administration
  • AS degree in Criminal Justice
  • Certificate in Paralegal Studies
  • HS Equivalency - 24 Credit Program

Our Weekend College can also help you gain entrance into our exceptional nursing and allied health sciences programs—or jump-start your career in administrative business technology, interior or apparel design, or computer repair technology. You may also take distance education/online courses in nearly every subject.

While registering for classes, a legend is used for the day each class is scheduled for:

M = Monday T=Tuesday W=Wednesday R=Thursday F=Friday  S=Saturday U=Sunday

Some classes meet on more than one day and will be listed as such. ex: TR=Tuesdays & Thursdays; SU=Saturday & Sunday.

Wouldn't it be great to earn college credit for your life experience? At NCC, you can do just that. We’ll match your life experiences with college course content so you can earn academic credit for what you’ve learned in the school of life.

You may also accelerate your studies through our College-Level Examination Program (CLEP). If you receive qualifying scores on the CLEP test, you may earn college credit in the areas of business, composition and literature, foreign language, history and social sciences, and science and mathematics. Please call 516.572.7699, for more information.

If the next step along your educational plan isn’t clear, visit our academic advising center, where an advisor will help you develop a solid plan to achieve your goals - from registration to graduation.

Think you can’t afford to study at NCC? Think again. NCC offers financial aid to eligible students. To see if you qualify, just complete the necessary forms. Need help? Contact our financial aid office and we’ll walk you through the steps to apply.

To view Weekend College classes, go to the MyNCC/Banner class schedule. Choose to search for the semester you are in and click Submit. Next to Session, scroll down and click  "Weekend" or "Friday Evening" and then "Class Search."

Withdrawing From Classes: Procedures and Impact on Grades

From the beginning of the fourth week until the end of the ninth week of classes, you may officially withdraw from a credit-bearing course. To do so, you must submit a withdrawal form signed by your professor to the Registrar's Office in the Tower, lower level. A "W" (Withdrawal) will appear on your transcript and is not calculated in your Grade Point Average (GPA), but can impact your Academic Standing. (Note: You cannot withdraw from remedial/developmental courses.)

After the ninth week of the semester, an official withdrawal is permitted only at the professor's discretion.

If you are registered for a course and stop attending without following the official withdrawal procedure, it will be treated as an unofficial withdrawal, resulting in a grade of "UW." Grades of "UW" are included in calculating the GPA and count as an "F."

You may wish to talk with an advisor about the impact of withdrawing from a course before doing so.

If you register for a course and never attend, you will be given a grade of "NA" (Never Attended). This grade is not calculated in your GPA but, like the "W" grade, can impact your Academic Standing.

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