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Coordinator: Prof. Darren Petronella

Study Abroad. See the World

A Travel Study experience is a chance to explore a region or country as more than a tourist, impacting your academic, work and personal future.

NCC students are eligible for SUNY Study Abroad programs – over 1,000 options – so you can choose the travel study experience that is right for you. There are 2-week faculty led programs, as well as semester-long programs with other international students. In addition to traditional courses, there are internship, service learning and research possibilities.

In addition, each year NCC Faculty offer 2-3 faculty-led travel programs, both domestic and international, offering you a chance to travel and earn credit with other students.  Programs in development include: Law in Europe; Art in Italy; Shakespeare in New York; Cultural Studies in the Caribbean; Oceanography in Puerto Rico; Spanish language immersion in Costa Rica; and a Creative Writing retreat.

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