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Spring 2020

LAW 216 - International Legal Systems

LAW Students

LAW Brochure Cover Photo

In educational travel, every moment matters. Pushing the experience from “good enough” to exceptional is what we do every day.

LAW 216 Brochure 
May 17 - May 28
Instructor and Group Leader: Prof. Joan Alexander
Email: Joan Alexander
Phone: 516.572.7626
Traveling to:
Amsterdam, The Hague, Brussels, Paris & Strasbourg
Course Description

Summer 2020

JPN 102 - Beginning Japanese II

Japan Photo

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This is a three-week intensive language and culture course.

JPN 102 Flyer

June 6 - May 28
Instructor and Group Leader: Prof. Masaki Sato
Email: Masaki Sato
Phone: 516.572.7414

Traveling to:
Japan (Kanazawa, Kyoto, Tokyo),
Course Description

BIO 219 - Field Biology

BIO Students

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You will visit Bale National Park and study its diverse life zones and its rare Afro-apline fauna and flora.

BIO 219 Flyer

August, 2020 (specific dates: TBA)
Instructor and Group Leader: Prof. Christine Tuaillon
Email: Christine Tuaillon
Phone: 516.572.7575

Traveling to:
Ethiopia (various locations)
Course Description

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