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Work Study Step 3

At this point you have completed all the required documents and submitted them to the Financial Aid office and provided Human Resources with the proper identification in order to process payroll.

Each day you work, you are responsible to log the time you begin and end on the blue work study time card. 

Guidelines for submitting acceptable time cards

Please be aware of the following:

  1. Time cards should be submitted to the Financial Aid office on the Wednesday following the end of a pay period in order for the student to be paid during the current pay cycle. Incomplete or late time cards received after the deadline may cause a delay in payment to the student.
  2. Time cards should be handed in to Financial Aid in a sealed envelope with the signature of the authorized supervisor across the seal.
  3. Any student working more than 5.45 (5 and ¾ hours) consecutively must take an unpaid 30 minute break. Regulations require that 30 minutes be deducted whether or not the student has actually taken the break if hours exceed 5.45 hours.
  4. Any changes to a time card must be initialed by the authorized supervisor.
  5. Supervisors should notify Financial Aid in the event a student no longer works for them.
  6. Students cannot work beyond the amount of hours as stated on the Federal Work Study Employment Authorization Form per week.
  7. Students cannot work during scheduled class time even if the class is canceled or let out early.
  8. All departments must have a “work place sign in sheet” for each pay period. Federal Work Study students are expected to sign in and out on the days they work. This sign in sheet must be kept on file by the department and made available upon request from the Financial Aid office.
  9. Federal Work Study students and supervisors should check their NCC email regularly as this is now the main source of communication for all concerned.

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