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Work Study Step 2

  • When you have been offered a Federal Work-Study position, your supervisor must inform the Financial Aid Office via email at fws@ncc.edu. The email must include your full name, your NCC ID#, and the name of the department for which you will be working.
  • The Financial Aid Office will confirm your eligibility for Federal Work-Study and notify you through your NCC email with a copy to your supervisor. At this time, the Financial Aid Office will provide you with instructions for completing all required electronic forms: 
    • Federal Work-Study Employment Authorization
    • Federal Work-Study Contract – responsibilities of a student employee.
    • Privacy Statement (FERPA Agreement) – agreement not to disclose any information you may have access to on the job.
    • “Not Anymore” Training – to be completed at MyNCC. Printed certificate of completion must be presented to Human Resources (See below).
  • All required forms must be completed and submitted electronically to the Financial Aid Office at fws@ncc.edu.
  • If the Financial Aid Office has determined you are eligible for Federal Work-Study, all of the above forms will be sent to your NCC email and must be completed and returned to fws@ncc.edu, prior to the start of your employment.

    Steps for Completing and Submitting your
    Federal Work-Study Employment Authorization Form

  • The Financial Aid Office sends the three required forms to your NCC email.
  • Once you have completed your FWS Contract, FERPA Agreement, and Employment Authorization from Step 1, email the electronic forms to fws@ncc.edu.
  • We will then acquire your supervisor's signature and Financial Aid representative's signature on the form and then forward the Employment Authorization back to you.
  • You must meet with the Human Resources Department (7th Floor Tower) to complete additional forms. Please bring your original Social Security Card, your official photo ID, and your certificate for Not Anymore training.
  • You must take your Employment Authorization form to the Human Resources Department to be entered into the payroll system. Human Resources will then provide the final signature required (Step 4) on your Employment Authorization form.  You will then email the completed form back to fws@ncc.edu.
  • Submit your completed Employment Authorization form with all required electronic signatures to fws@ncc.edu for final confirmation that you may begin working.

You will not be eligible to begin work as a Federal Work-Study student until ALL of the above forms have been completed and submitted electronically to the Financial Aid Office at fws@ncc.edu.

If you are receiving unemployment benefits and are also employed in the Federal Work Study (FWS) program, you must notify your local unemployment office that you are working in the FWS program.  The New York State Department of Labor considers it willful misrepresentation to collect unemployment benefits without revealing that you are also receiving FWS.

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