SAP Policy

Nassau Community College Federal Title IV Satisfactory Academic Progress Standards Policy

Students receiving federal Title IV aid for their educational costs are required to maintain an acceptable cumulative GPA, while at the same time completing a specified percentage of the credits for which they register within a certain time frame. The maximum time frame may not exceed 150% of the published length of the educational program measured in credit hours attempted. 

Excessive withdrawals, incomplete or F grades can be the cause of not meeting the pursuit of progress requirement. It is important that you successfully complete all the classes you register for.  Note: Remedial coursework is not considered in the calculation that determines eligibility for federal student aid.

Federal Title IV student aid funds include: Federal PELL, Federal SEOG, Federal Work Study, Federal Perkins Loan, and Direct Stafford Loans. Satisfactory Academic Progress standards for New York State TAP recipients.

A review of federal aid eligibility will be completed at the end of the Spring semester to determine eligibility for the new aid year. Students will be notified via their NCC email if they did not meet the federal requirements for academic progress. A student may appeal this decision if they can document that extenuating circumstances caused the poor academic performance. Appeals are for unforeseen, extenuating circumstances and are not for ongoing medical issues. Students with approved appeals will be given a probationary semester in which they will be granted federal aid for one semester. At the end of the probationary semester their progress will be reviewed to determine if they are eligible for federal aid in the next semester. If it is determined that the student is still not making academic progress, no aid will be issued for the following semester and no additional appeal will be accepted.

Steps to appeal:

  • Download and Complete an Appeal for Federal SAP form
  • Submit the appeal form and any supporting documentation which can justify why your academic progress suffered and how you plan to remedy it for future semesters by August 1
  • Approximately two weeks from when documents are submitted a decision will be sent to your NCC email
  • Students must also complete the online, SUNY Smart Track Financial Literacy course: “College & Money"

To continue to receive federal financial aid, students must maintain the standards of satisfactory progress. 

1. Qualitative Component: Cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA)

Degree Credit Hours Attempted:





Minimum Cumulative GPA required:





2. Quantitative component: Pace (attempted credits vs. earned credits)

Students must earn with a passing grade, at least 67% of all cumulative attempted credit hours.  For example; if a student attemped a cumulative total of  30 degree credits, he or she must have earned at least 20 of those credits toward your degree or certificate program of study.

3. Time Frame

Students may attempt a maximum of 150% of the published required credit hours for the Associate's Degree or Certificate program the student is pursuing.  For example; if the program of study requires 64 credits to complete, the student may attempt a maximum of 96 credits.