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Image of Deborah McCallion

Deborah McCallion

I am an adjunct Nursing professor at and alumna of Nassau Community College. In addition, I'm a Clinical Nurse Manager a [...]

Image of Jerome McGrowder

Jerome McGrowder

An ordinary day at work for me is spent in different departments of the hospital facility. Transporting patients one day [...]

Image of Sara Koumou

Sara Koumou

I am truly thankful for the NCC Nursing Program. As a New Grad they told us the first year of nursing would be hard, but [...]

Image of Michael Kleinschmidt

Michael Kleinschmidt

I work at Northwell Health as the Chief Technologist in the Cath Lab at North Shore Manhasset. I'm responsible for the d [...]

Image of Gloria Hoerning

Gloria Hoerning

I am a registered respiratory therapist at two Long Island Hospitals and both hospitals have seen record numbers of admi [...]

Image of Aryeh


I work as a Respiratory Technician in Manhattan. I deliver and set up home respiratory equipment to patients with all ty [...]

Image of Kerri Ann McTiernan

Kerri Ann McTiernan

Congratulations to Kerri-Ann McTiernan, Director of NCC Athletics, recipient of the Mary Ellen Leicht Service Award! The [...]

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