Services for Students with Disabilities

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Building U

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8am - 4:45pm


Monday - Thursday
8:15am - 4:45


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At NCC, we’re all about access. And the best way to make sure that happens is to provide our students with the resources they need to reach their potential and achieve their goals.

At the Center for Students with Disabilities, you’ll find a wide range of support services. No matter what the service may be, our mission is to help students overcome obstacles, build confidence, and achieve access.

Our mission is to serve students with documented physical/medical, visual, learning, emotional, or hearing disabilities who have been accepted at NCC. We provide them with resources and support to gain confidence, become independent, develop learning strategies and skills, and capitalize on their strengths.

Our services include assisting students with voter registration, advisement, appropriate classroom and testing accommodations; sign language interpreters, assisted listening devices (ALDs) and adapted computer access.

It is the responsibility of the student to identify himself or herself as having a disability upon entrance to the College, by notifying the Center for Students with Disabilities.

All of our counselors, specialists, advisors, and support staff have one thing in common—a passion for helping students achieve their goals.
Meet Our Staff...

Information Session - For Prospective Students & Their Parents

  • Thursday, November 15

Time: 5:15
Location: G 159



Nassau Community College students, who are eligible for services with the Center for Students with Disabilities, can register to vote at the Center for Students with Disabilities, located in Building U.

The counselors at the Center will provide students with voter registration application forms, as well as assistance with completing the forms, and submitting them to the New York State Board of Elections. If you would like more information regarding Voter Registration, please visit the State’s Board of Elections website to obtain a voter registration form online