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Orientation - For Parents

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Congratulations on your son's or daughter's admission to Nassau Community College!  We look forward to meeting him or her at NCC's New Student Orientation program in late August.

We're also looking forward to meeting you at our Parents' Orientation program, which will take place just after the start of the Fall 2019 semester. You will be receiving your invitation to this program later in the summer. 

Many parents want to know how they can help their sons and daughters succeed in college. Though there’s no magic "formula" for academic success, here are some suggestions worth keeping in mind.

Emphasize the Value of Education

Behind almost every successful college student is a family that values education and that recognizes its importance to the quality of young people’s lives. Remind your sons and daughters that their education matters as much to you as it does to them. Encourage them to make college a priority.

Think of College as a Full-Time Job

Though college classes don’t meet as often as high school classes, students are nevertheless expected to devote a great deal of time to their studies. This often means making adjustments in other areas of their lives—especially outside employment. Working may be important and perhaps necessary, but so too is college.

Remember that College is Different from High School

For many college students, adjusting to the pace and expectations of college can be a challenge. If your son or daughter seems concerned about making this transition, you might suggest an appointment with a counselor or an academic adviser. Both will offer helpful advice.

Be Flexible About Family Schedules and Responsibilities

Between attending classes and preparing for them, college students have many demands on their time. As a result, their schedules are sometimes hectic and unpredictable. You can make life less stressful for your sons and daughters by being flexible about family schedules and responsibilities. Your understanding and cooperation will help a great deal.

Encourage Career Exploration

The College believes career exploration to be an important part of every student’s education. It encourages students to be open to a variety of career possibilities, to investigate areas of interest, and to participate, when possible, in career-related internships. Similar encouragement from you would also be very helpful.

Encourage Involvement in Campus Activities

Campus activities—cultural events, lectures, clubs, and sports—are an important part of students’ college experience. They complement students’ classroom education and offer participants opportunities to learn about themselves, others, and the world at large. Encourage your sons and daughters to take advantage of this valuable resource.

Be Accepting and Supportive

College years are a time of change for many students. They are a time when students make decisions not only about their education and careers but about their values and beliefs. While you may not agree with every one of these decisions, it’s important that you continue to support your children and remain a vital presence in their lives.

To learn more about Nassau, be sure to read Helping Your Student Succeed: Advice for Families, which you will be receiving in the mail shortly.  This free publication contains a good deal of information about the College and its many resources.  In addition, please feel free to browse the various links that are part of our New Student Orientation site. 

Again, welcome to NCC!

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