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For the Fall, under the guidance of State and County officials, and placing health and safety first, NCC will provide the majority of courses that can be instructed remotely or online in this format. Courses that have critical components and require face-to-face instruction, including classes with lab components that cannot easily be replicated remotely, will be instructed on-campus in a face-to-face format following appropriate health and safety guidelines and procedures to maintain the safety of the NCC community.

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Grammar Review Workshops

Topics include

Building Compound and Complex Sentences, Using Correct Verb Tenses, Subject-Verb Agreement, Relative Pronouns, Punctuation

 Thursday Series
Date Time Location Topic
Thursday, October 1 11:30pm - 12:45pm Zoom Session 1 Building Compund Sentences w/ Prof. D'Angelo
Thursday, October 8 11:30am - 12:45pm Zoom Session 3 Bulinding Complex Sentences w/ Prof. D'Angelo
Thursday, October 22 11:30am -12:45pm Zoom Session 6 Subject-Verb Agreement w/ Prof. D'Angelo
Thursday, October 29 11:30am-12:45pm Zoom Session 8 The Verb Phrase w/Prof D'Angelo
 Tuesday Series
Date Time Location Topic
Tuesday, October 6 11:30pm to 12:45pm Zoom Session 2 Three Types of Conjunctions w/ Prof. Posillico
Tuesday, October 13 8:30pm to 9:50pm Zoom Session 4 Relative Pronouns w/Prof. Posillico 
Tuesday, October 20 11:30am to 1:45pm  Zoom Session 5 Verb Tenses w/ Prof. Posillico
 Tuesday,  October 27  11:30am-12:45pm  Zoom Session 7  Punctuation w/ Prof. Posillico

Please contact the Writing Center at, 516.572.7195, M-Th 8am-3pm for more information.

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