NCC Student & Faculty Profiles

Image of Sue Ellyn Cortez

Sue Ellyn Cortez

Sue Ellyn Cortez and her four-year old daughter were both headed to the classroom last fall. For Cortez, who graduated f [...]

Image of Christian Bossio

Christian Bossio

Coming from Honduras, I was lucky enough to have family on Long Island and an excellent and affordable college in the ar [...]

Jillian Pallone Photo

Jillian Pallone

My decision to go to SUNY Nassau was not an easy one to make. I originally put down a deposit for another university. Th [...]

Image of  Deirdre Amukowa

Deirdre Amukowa

I originally decided to attend SUNY Nassau because it was the most affordable college near me. Little did I know how gre [...]

Karol Rubiano photo

Karol Rubiano

I decided to go back to school after a long absence and SUNY Nassau seemed like the perfect place. The location was conv [...]

Image of Jade Page

Jade Page

I decided to attend SUNY Nassau because I wanted to stay close to home and work. I also wasn't sure how my transition ou [...]

Image of Alexi Rodriguez

Alexi Rodriguez

I enrolled at SUNY Nassau because of the affordable classes and easy commute. When I got here, I was really impressed by [...]

Image of Tara Comiskey

Tara Comiskey

I have been a professor at NCC for the past five years. Having started my academic career at SCCC, I enjoyed the feel of [...]

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