DEGREE SEEKING - Returning Students

Are You a Degree-Seeking Returning Student? (Matriculated)

You are a Returning Student if you have attended and were enrolled in a degree program at NCC. You left for at least one year, and you wish to re-enroll in a degree program.

If you meet the definition above to apply as a Returning student be aware that academic advisement may be limited for Summer and Winterim terms and financial aid may not be available. Any questions in regards to loans or aid must be discussed with Financial Aid.

I'm not a Degree-Seeking Student. Let me choose again.


Did you previously apply to NCC but never enrolled?

If you have previously applied to NCC but never enrolled in classes, you need to reapply as either a freshman (never attended a college after high school) or a transfer student (previously enrolled at a college).

If you previously were a non-degree student and now wish to apply as a degree seeking student, please apply as either a freshman or transfer applicant.


  • Our transcript/documentation requirements remain unchanged:
    • College Transcript(s): have your previous college(s) submit your academic transcript(s) electronically to
  • Major: include your first-choice major by referring to the major codes listed in the Program Requirement Chart.


Check markProgram Choice

Many programs have requirements which must be met before Admission can be granted. 


Applicants that are ineligible for a selected program will be admitted to an alternate program.  Students may change their major for a future semester at NCC.

Check markComplete the Application

Complete your application for readmission by clicking here: application

Check mark Meet the Application Completion Deadlines.

Fall Semester: AUGUST 14
Spring Semester: JANUARY 4

The Allied Health Sciences programs and Nursing have specific deadlines that must be met. The deadlines are listed below, and all required documentation must be submitted to the Office of Admissions by the indicated date. Please refer to the Programs and Admissions Requirements Chart for more information pertaining to the required documentation.

  1. Medical Laboratory Technician: March 6, 2024
  2. Nursing: October 5, 2023 (Spring admission), March 7, 2024 (Fall admission) 
  3. Physical Therapist Assistant: March 6, 2024
  4. Radiation Therapy Tech: January 30, 2024
  5. Radiologic Technology: January 30, 2024
  6. Respiratory Care: March 6, 2024
  7. Surgical Technology: March 6, 2024

If a deadline falls on a weekend, applications and all supporting credentials are accepted through the following Monday.

Note: check the college website for deadline information for summer and winter sessions.

Submit required documents as soon as possible.

You will also be notified by mail and your personal email account of the academic records and other information we need to complete your application. It is your responsibility to provide requested materials. Do so as soon as possible! You can also check the status of your application go to MyNCC. You will need your NCC Student ID which will be mailed to you. Your password is your date of birth (mmddyy).

Please note, Nassau Community College reserves the right to request an applicant complete a third party evaluation for academic documents from outside of the Unites States. The evaluation company must be members of AACRAO, NAFSA, NACES, AICE, ATA and Better Business Bureau.

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