Apply To EOP

EOP application Deadline is June 15th 

How To Apply

  • If you meet the academic criteria and income guidelines for the EOP and are interested in applying, please select the EOP box on the NCC admission application.
  • If you are found academically eligible by the admissions department, you will be sent instructions via email on following steps.
  • Please view the EOP required documents section and submit all documents as soon as possible.
  • Please note that admission into EOP is not guaranteed and is contingent upon a comprehensive review of your academic and financial records, letter of recommendation, leadership abilities, and interview.
  • The deadline to submit the EOP application is June 15th and June 30th to submit all required documentation. However, we highly recommend that you submit all required documentation as soon as possible as we anticipate reaching full capacity prior to the deadline.

 You must be BOTH academically and financially eligible to be considered for admission into the Educational Opportunity Program

Required Documentation:


  • Please have your high school transcript sent to the NCC Admissions department at
  • Please submit one recommendation from high school counselor and one from a non-family member.
  • Submit essay or personal statement of 250 words or less.

Financial Documentation:

If you meet the income guidelines please submit the following documents to the EOP department by scanning/emailing them to (include full name and N# in subject line).

  • Complete FAFSA (code- 002873) and TAP application (code-2113).
  • Tax Return Transcript from 2021 (must request directly from the IRS).
  • 2020-2021 Dependent or Independent Verification Worksheet (will be available in the Office of Financial aid on January 2020)
  • Student and Parent W2’s from 2021.
  • Verification of public assistance received if applicable.
  • Non-Filer tax form if applicable (must request from IRS).

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