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Middle States Self-Study
in Preparation for Accreditor Site Visit in Spring 2025

Nassau Community College (NCC) of the State University of New York has been accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE) since 1967. Middle States accreditation assures our students and the public of the educational quality of the college. Every 8 to 10 years, NCC conducts a Self-Study in an effort to seek reaffirmation of accreditation as part of the college’s ongoing commitment to continuous self-improvement.

In Fall 2022, the NCC Middle States Steering Committee drafted a Self-Study Design with input from community stakeholders, including students, faculty, staff, and alumni. The NCC 2024-2025 Self-Study Design document was approved by Middle States, through its designee, Dr. Robert Bonfiglio, on May 30, 2023. The college is now engaged in the comprehensive, rigorous self-evaluation process in preparation of a site visit by Middle States representatives on the NCC campus in Spring 2025. 

This is an exciting time for Nassau Community College and an important one for our collective future.

About Middle States

The Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE) is an institutional accreditor recognized by the United States Department of Education (USDE) that serves as an independent voice in higher education. MSCHE establishes equitable standards for accreditation with member institutions that advance the impact of accreditation in the ever-changing landscape of higher education and promotes educational excellence through innovation across diverse institutions.

For comprehensive information about Middle States accreditation, please visit: www.msche.org

Steering Committee

Nassau Community College’s Middle States Accreditation is directed by a steering committee comprised of Tri-Chairs, co-chairs of the seven Working Groups, as well as faculty, alumni and staff members. The Steering Committee is responsible for developing the charges of the Working Groups in coordination with the Acting President/Chief Administrative Officer and the Acting Vice President of Academic Affairs, developing the evidence inventory for the document review to be conducted in advance of the Middle States evaluation team visit, and collecting reports from the Working Groups to draft the final Self-Study Report.

Current Members (as of September 1, 2023)

Chief Administrative Officer, Nassau Community College

  • Maria P. Conzatti, Ed.D.

Tri-Chairs, Steering Committee

  • Genette Alvarez-Ortiz, Ed.D., Acting Vice President of Academic Affairs and Co-Chair, Institutional Planning Committee
  • Professor Pat Lupino, Chairperson, Marketing/Retailing/Fashion/Interior Design Department, and Co-Chair, Institutional Planning Committee
  • Charmian Smith, Ed.D., Interim Vice President for Academic Student Services & Institutional Planning Committee Member

Steering Committee Members

  • Nadine D. Hylton, Ph.D., Associate Vice President, Institutional Effectiveness and Strategic Planning
  • Lynn M. Bergin, Chair, Department of Healthcare Administration, Health Information, Medical Coding, Medical Assistant, and Administrative Business Technology
  • Rosemary DeRiso, Ph.D., Chairperson, Economics & Finance Department; Assessment Fellow, Office of Academic Assessment and Program Review; Chair, Academic Senate Assessment Committee; Co-Chair, General Education Committee of the Academic Senate Secretary; Chair’s Executive Committee 
  • Jessica Dillon, Ed.D., Assistant Director of Registrar
  • Mary Floratos, Acting Associate Vice President, Information Technology
  • Pamela Flores, Ph.D., Faculty, Psychology
  • David Follick, Ed.D., Assistant Vice President of Academic Student Services
  • Beth Gaudino-Goering, Ph.D., Acting Dean of Instruction
  • Elizabeth Hynes, Ph.D. Academic Senate Chair & Faculty Member
  • Rita Langdon, Ph.D., Vice President of Institutional Advancement
  • Laura Smith, Associate Professor, Student Personnel Services

Self-Study Design

Nassau Community College’s Self-Study Design was approved by Middle States on May 30, 2023.

View Approved Self-Study Design


The following is the timeline of time of self-study activities as Nassau Community College prepares for a Middle States site visit in 2024-2025.


NCC Strategic Planning 2023-2028

Concurrent with the Middle States Self-Study Design process, Nassau Community College developed a five-year strategic plan tentatively titled, “NCC 2028: Building Connections to Our Students, Community and Future.” In October 2022, the College’s Institutional Planning Committee (IPC) embarked on the rigorous process of developing the plan, which included affirmation of the College’s mission, values, goals, and institutional priorities as well as the development of seven discrete plans that will guide NCC’s strategic vision to transform lives through a quality, affordable, public community college education.

Strategic Plan Integration Map

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