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Professor Susan Cushman

02/05/2021 | AuthorNCC 

I have been a faculty member in the English Department of NCC for 18 years this fall. My areas of expertise are 20th-century multicultural American literature, British Romantic literature, Women's Studies and Peace Studies. As a grant technician for applied learning, I've worked to revive the civic engagement and deliberative dialogue series at the College. I also developed an Introduction to Peace Studies course and received a promotion to full professor last year.

My fondest memories at Nassau consist of the programs I've organized or co-organized for the College community, including an interfaith women's panel; "Girl Be Heard" and the "Lessons From the Holocaust" biennial conference series. My most memorable moment was introducing and meeting Prof. Anita Hill, Esq. -- who was the first woman to courageously challenge sexual harassment in the workplace on national television when she testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee -- after teaching her legal case for so many years.

I was an undergraduate women's studies minor when I watched those hearings; it was an honor to meet Anita Hill after decades of teaching her case. My colleagues and students make NCC more than a workplace to me. It's a community that has enabled me to grow personally and professionally.


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