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12/08/2020 | AuthorNCC 

Hi, my name is Anna. I started at Nassau because I was undecided with what I wanted to do out of high school. I knew it was a practical choice because of how affordable NCC is and because of its excellent reputation. It was truly one of the best decisions I've ever made. I absolutely loved my time at Nassau. I will always cherish it as the period in my life in which I grew exponentially.

My academic advisor within my major was stellar. I graduated with a degree in Communication Arts and went to Adelphi for a very brief time to study speech pathology, but quickly realized this major wasn't the best fit for me. I went back to NCC a second time and obtained my degree in American Sign Language (ASL). The support I had at Nassau was unparalleled. The head of the Communications Department not only helped me pick my major but also set me up with a fantastic internship. I was hired there full-time after my graduation. I have been working with the Deaf community since I graduated.

I now work at a Deaf school in the city and I am in the process of obtaining my BA in English - ASL Interpreting through the University of Northern Colorado. I owe so much of my success to the guidance I received at Nassau.

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