Excused Withdrawals

Excused Withdrawals Due to Medical or Personal Circumstances

An excused withdrawal request may be considered in a case in which serious illness, injury or family tragedy prevents a student from continuing his or her class, and other arrangements or an incomplete from the instructor is not possible. All applications for an excused withdrawal require thorough third-party supporting evidence (i.e. - typed doctor's note, death certificate, etc.) This evidence is required in addition to a typed note from the student with current date and signature of the student. Excused withdrawal requests must indicate the reason, the period of the leave, and why the difficulties prohibit the student from completing the semester,  It is the student's responsibility to withdraw from classes.

The Dean of Students will only consider a request for a complete excused withdrawal within the academic year. Applications for partial excused withdrawals are rarely granted and the request must be especially well documented to justify the selective nature of the partial request. [If the request is for a prior semester within one year and the student did not drop or receive a W for the class(es), a grade change from the former professors or appropriate chairperson would have to be granted in order to be considered for an excused withdrawal from the Dean of Students]*

Prior to withdrawal, students are recommended to meet with an Educational Counselor in the Center for Educational and Retention Counseling (CERC).

Steps in the excused withdrawal process:

  1. Student shall withdraw from the course
  2. Student submits his/her typed request, documentation and supporting evidence to Office of the Dean of Students.  Medical reasons will require an original note from your doctor stating you were under his/her care during the time of your absence, the nature of your illness and the fact that this prohibited you from completing the requirements for the courses. This letter cannot be faxed and must be sent directly from your doctor's office to the Dean of Student's office. Personal reasons will require documentation that will support your reasons, i.e., court papers, death certificates, etc.
  3. Supply any additional documentation that you feel will support your case.
  4. Excused withdrawal requests should be sent to:
    Dean of Students, Nassau Community College,
    1 Education Drive, Garden City, New York 11530
  5. The Office of the Dean of Students will respond to student in writing of approval or denial. If approved, faculty will be notified.
  6. If the student has requested a refund, the documentation will be forwarded to the Refund Committee.

If you are requesting a partial excused withdrawal Call the Dean of Student's Office at 516.572.7135 for further instructions.

  1. Student contacts the instructor or the department where they took the class regarding the extenuating circumstances for requesting a grade change.
  2. The instructor contacts the appropriate chairperson.
  3. If the grade change form is approved and signed, the department submits the form to the Registrar for processing.
  4. The steps regarding the excused withdrawal process commence.


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