Academic Issues

Minimum Grade Point Average Required To Maintain Good Academic Standing

You must maintain a minimum grade point average (GPA) in order to remain in good academic standing.

Academic standing is determined according to the regulations of the Academic Standing Committee and are made at the conclusion of each semester. Academic standing will only be printed at the top of the unofficial copy of the transcript.

The following cumulative grade point averages (GPA) are the minimums which must be attained for a student to be considered in good academic standing:

1.7 with 1-14 credits attempted (usually one semester)
1.8 with 15-29 credits attempted (usually two semesters)
1.9 with 30-47 credits attempted
2.0 with 48 or more credits attempted

A student whose cumulative GPA falls below these minima for the first time will remain in good academic standing but shall be limited to 14 credits (or equivalent where developmental courses are concerned) for the next semester. If, at the end of the next semester, the student's cumulative GPA still falls below these minima, then the student concerned shall be placed on academic probation and shall be restricted to part-time (fewer than 12 credits) attendance.

The following additional conditions apply to students who require two or three developmental courses from among ENG 001, WRT 001, MAT 012, MAT 013, MAT002, MAT 003, RDG 001, or RDG 002.

In additional to fulfilling their developmental requirements specified above, these students must enroll in NCC 101-The College Experience, during the summer prior to their first semester of attendance or during their first semester of attendance.

Students required to enroll in NCC 101 and who do not successfully complete the course must register again for NCC 101 until they successfully complete the course.

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