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Fall 2021 Marketing Campaign

This idea takes a shot at the misperception that “smart” people don’t choose community college educations … that they go elsewhere, like straight to a 4-year university. “Who’s the Smart One Now?” reframes Nassau Community College by flipping the script on this common misperception. 

The reality is that a community college education is, in fact, the “smart” choice – especially one from Nassau Community College.

From affordability, to a high-quality education, to experiencing our beautiful campus and being a part of the SUNY System – Nassau Community College is absolutely the “smart” choice.

This campaign emphasizes the SUNY connection of NCC by prominently featuring "SUNY Nassau" throughout the campaign messaging and visuals.
SUNY Nassau. Who's the Smart One Now?

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Social Ad Criminal Justice

Saved money expoloring majors.
Found their passion in criminal justice.
SUNY Nassau
Who's the smart one now?


Social Ad Traditional Undergraduate

Taught by distinguished professors.
Never graduate students.
SUNY Nassau
Who's the smart one now?

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