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Fall 2020 Marketing Campaign

The College has launched a new marketing campaign for the Fall 2020 enrollment period which began in mid-May and will run through August. Given this time of uncertainty, the new creative reminds viewers to “take control” of their future, their education and their opportunities, all while pushing our key messages of high-quality academics, affordable tuition and flexible class schedules.

This is a cohesive marketing campaign that includes traditional tactics such as print, radio and television as well as digital including social media and streaming. Below are some samples of the creative for the campaign. Please feel free to share with your networks and encourage enrollment at NCC.

NCC 15s Ad

NCC 30s Ad

Bus Exterior Advertising

NCC Bus Ad 1
NCC Bus Ad 2

Newsday Ad

NCC Newsday Ad 1
NCC Newsday Ad 1

Newsday Full Page Ad

NCC Newsday Full Page Ad

Vertical Digital Banner Ad

Take Control of your Education Banner Ad

Vertical Digital Banner Ad

Take Control of your Opportunities Banner Ad

Take Control Radio Spot #1

Take Control Radio Spot #2


Digital Banner Ad Animated

Digital banner Ad Animated 1

Digital Banner Ad Animated

NCC Digital Banner Ad 2 animated

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