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Downloadable NCC Logos

The Nassau Community College logo is an integral part of communicating our brand and pride at all levels of our College. To use these logos, please follow the guidelines included in our official Brand Guidelines.

Depending on the situation, different logos should be used. The logo appears in three standard forms: the master logo, secondary logo, and “N” logo initial. Each logo has specific usage requirements that must be followed. 

NCC Master Logo


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NCC Reversed Master Logo Black


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NCC Master Logo With Background


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NCC Reversed Master Logo Blue


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NCC Smaller Logo Black


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NCC  Logo Smaller Blue


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Horizontal Text White and Blue Logo

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Horizontal Text Logo

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Horizontal Text  White and Orange Logo

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Please note that the “N” icon is to be used where there are severe space limitations only.

Incorrect Logo Usage: Please do not stretch, squash or distort our logos in any way. Do not attempt to re-create or deface with other graphics. The benefits of a consistent identity system can only be realized by maintaining discipline throughout all visual communications.

If you need vector/EPS files, please contact the Office of Marketing and Communications.  These files require certain software in order to be downloaded.

Please note that Nassau Community College's logo images are the property of Nassau Community College. They are for the exclusive use of the Nassau Community College community only.

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