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Administration Directory

Name College Address Phone Number E-mail Address
Dr. Maria Conzatti
Interim President
Tower 10th Floor 516.572.7205 Maria.Conzatti@ncc.edu
Dr. Genette Alvarez-Ortiz
Acting VP of Academic Affairs
Tower 10th Floor 516.572.7664 Mark.Lausch@ncc.edu
Ms. Lindsey Angioletti
Director, Marketing & Communications
Tower 11th Floor 516.572.7249 Lindsey.Angioletti@ncc.edu
Ms. Kathryn Austin
Director, HR Operations
Tower 7th Floor 516.572.7759 Kathryn.Austin@ncc.edu
Mr. Chester N. Barkan
SSC 516.572.7131 Chester.Barkan@ncc.edu
Ms. Anne E Brandi
Secretary To President
Tower 10th Floor 516.572.7205 Anne.Brandi@ncc.edu
Mr. Abel Cantillo
Assistant Director Finance
 F Cluster 2251 516.572.9876 Abel.Cantillo@ncc.edu
Mr. Phillip Cappello
Associate Vice President of Facilities Management
Tower 6th Floor 516.572.7300 Phillip.Cappello@ncc.edu
Mr. William Clyde Jr
Director, Education Opportunity Program (EOP)
Tower 5th Floor  516.572.0607 William.clyde@ncc.edu
Ms. Jacqueline Cuffey
Assistant Dean, Student Affairs
CCB 3rd Floor 516.572.7376 Jacqueline.Cuffey@ncc.edu
Ms. Joy DeDonato
Executive Director, NCC Foundation
364 Rice Circle 516.572.0670 Joy.Dedonato@ncc.edu
Ms. Jessica Dillon
Assistant Director, Registrar
SSC 516.572.7131 Jessica.dillon@ncc.edu
Ms. Dorlena Dunbar
Associate Vice President Human Resources
Tower 7th Floor - 701 516.572.7759 Dorlena.Dunbar@ncc.edu
Ms. Mary-Jeannette Floratos
Acting Associate Vice President for Information Technology 
F Cluster-3259 516.572.7222 Mary.Floratos@ncc.edu
Dr. Dave Follick
Assistant Vice President of Academic Student Services
SSC 516.572.7346 David.Follick@ncc.edu
Dr. Amanda Fox
Director, Advisement
SSC 516.572.7436 Amanda.Fox@ncc.edu
Ms. Sandra Friedman
Associate Vice President, Student Financial Affairs
SSC 516.572.7326 Sandra.Friedman@ncc.edu
Ms. Lisa Hahn
Assistant VP Finance
Tower 9th Floor 516.572.7169 Lisa.Hahn@ncc.edu 
Ms. Nardos Hamilton
Director of Affirmative Action and Compliance
Tower 7th Floor 516.572.7759 Nardos.Hamilton@ncc.edu
Ms. Donna M. Haugen
General Counsel
Tower 8th Floor - 814 516.572.7809 Donna.Haugen@ncc.edu
Ms. Elizabeth Hawley
Associate Dean, Lifelong Learning
355 East Road 516.572.7472 Elizabeth.Hawley@ncc.edu
Mr. Robert Jarocki
Director, Design & Construction
F Cluster 2nd Floor 516.572.9786 Robert.Jarocki@ncc.edu
Mr. Adrian Kerrigan
Vice President, Institutional Advancement
Tower 6th Floor 516.572.0601 Adrian.Kerrigan@ncc.edu
Mr. Edmund S Koeppel
Grants Fiscal Manager
F Cluster 2nd Floor 516.572.7126 Edmund.Koeppel@ncc.edu
Mr. Jerry Kornbluth
Dean, Professional Studies
361 Rice Circle 516.572.7775 Jerry.Kornbluth@ncc.edu
Ms. Beatrice A Marin
Asst To The Director, Information Technology
F Cluster 3rd Floor 516.572.7222 Beatrice.Marin@ncc.edu
Ms. Kerri-Ann McTiernan
Director, Physical Education and Athletics
Physical Education - 214 516.572.7537 KerriAnn.McTiernan@ncc.edu
Ms. Patricia M Noren
Director, Financial Aid
SSC 516.572.7397 Patricia.Noren@ncc.edu
Ms. Sandra O’Hare
Asst To The Director, Lifelong Learning
355 East Road 516.572.7472 Sandra.Ohare@ncc.edu
Ms. Laurie Pezzullo
Assistant VP, Labor Relations
359 Hazelhurst Ave 516.572.7832 Laurie.Pezzullo@ncc.edu
Ms. Maureen Ramert
Assistant Director, Corporate Credit, Drinking Driver Program
355 East Road 516.572.7699 Maureen.Ramert@ncc.edu
Mr. Robert Ramirez
Director Environmental Health and Safety
353 Harmon Ave 516.572.7781 Robert.Ramirez@ncc.edu
Ms. Deborah Reed-Segreti
Asst. Vice President, Human Resources
Tower 8th Floor – 830 516.572.7759 Deborah.Reed@ncc.edu
Mr. Christopher Rotella
Director, Design & Construction
F Cluster 2nd Floor 516.572.9786 Christopher.Rotella@ncc.edu
Dr. Neil Singhani
College Physician/Health Services
SSC 516.572.7123 Neil.Singhani@ncc.edu 
Dr. Charmian Smith
Dean of Students
College Center – 312 516.572.7376 Charmian.Smith@ncc.edu
Dr. Deborah Spiro
Assistant Vice President, Distance Education
350 Avenue U 516.572.9798 Deborah.Spiro@ncc.edu
Ms. Katherine A Wagner
Assistant Director, Center For Workforce Development
355 East Road 516.572.7487 Katherine.Wagner@ncc.edu
Ms. Annmarie Welch
Director, Student Financial Affairs
Tower 5th Floor 516.572.7326 Annmarie.Welch@ncc.edu
Dr. Craig J. Wright
Associate Vice President, Equity, Inclusion, Affirmative Action/ADA-504 & Title IX Officer
Tower 8th Floor - 818 516.572.7121 Craig.Wright@ncc.edu
Ms. Tina S Wynder
Director, Institutional Effectiveness and Strategic Planning
353 Harmon Ave. 516.572.7771 Tina.Wynder@ncc.edu


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