Administration Directory

Name College Address Phone Number Email Address
Dr. Maria Conzatti
Chief Administrative Officer
Tower 10th Floor 516.572.7205
Dr. Genette Alvarez-Ortiz
Acting VP of Academic Affairs
Tower 10th Floor 516.572.7664 
Ms. Lindsey Angioletti
Director, Marketing & Communications
Tower 11th Floor 516.572.7249
Ms. Kathryn Austin
Director, HR Operations
Tower 7th Floor 516.572.7759
Ms. Theresa Aydelott
Interim Assistant Vice President, Equity, Inclusion, Affirmative Action
Tower 8th Floor 516-572-7121
Mr. Chester N. Barkan
SSC 516.572.7131
Ms. Anne E Brandi
Secretary To President
Tower 10th Floor 516.572.7205
Mr. Rudy Breedy
Director, Office of College Development
364 Rice Circle 516.572.0670
Mr. Abel Cantillo
Assistant Director Finance
 F Cluster 2251 516.572.9786
Mr. Phillip Cappello
Associate Vice President of Facilities Management
Tower 6th Floor 516.572.7300
Mr. William Clyde Jr
Director, Education Opportunity Program (EOP)
Tower 5th Floor  516.572.0607
Ms. Jacqueline Cuffey
Assistant Dean, Student Affairs
CCB 3rd Floor 516.572.7376
Mr. Angus Dickson
Acting Director, Information Technology Services
F Cluster-3279 516.572.7177
Dr. Jessica Dillon
Assistant Director, Registrar
SSC 516.572.7131
Dr. Dawn DiStefano
Acting Dean of Instruction, Academic Affairs
361 Rice Circle 516.572.7775
Dr. Justin Dolce
Associate Dean, Admissions
SSC 516.572.7346
Ms. Dorlena Dunbar
Associate Vice President Human Resources
Tower 7th Floor - 701 516.572.7759
Ms. Mary-Jeannette Floratos
Acting Associate Vice President for Information Technology 
F Cluster-3259 516.572.7222
Dr. Dave Follick
Assistant Vice President of Academic Student Services
SSC 516.572.7346
Dr. Amanda Fox
Director, Advisement
SSC 516.572.7436
Ms. Sandra Friedman
Associate Vice President, Student Financial Affairs
SSC 516.572.7326
Dr. Elizabeth Gaudino-Goering
Acting Dean of Instruction, Academic Affairs
361 Rice Circle 516.572.7775 
Mr. Philip Van Gostein
Director, Public Safety
Public Safety 516.572.7100
Ms. Nardos Hamilton
Director of Human Resources
Tower 7th Floor 516.572.7759
Ms. Donna M. Haugen
General Counsel
359 Hazelhurst, 2nd Floor 516.572.7809
Ms. Elizabeth Hawley
Associate Dean, Lifelong Learning
355 East Road 516.572.7472
Dr. Nadine Hylton
Associate Vice President, Office of Institutional Research
353 Harmon Ave. 516.572.7771 
Mr. Robert Jarocki
Director, Design & Construction
F Cluster 2nd Floor 516.572.9786
Mr. Scott Kalb
Assistant Director, Financial Aid
Tower 3rd Floor 516.572.7396
Ms. Naheed Khan
Acting Assistant Dean, Center for Workforce Development
355 East Road 516.572.7489
Mr. Edmund S. Koeppel
Assistant Vice President, Sponsored Programs
F Cluster 2nd Floor 516.572.7126
Dr. Jerry Kornbluth
Vice President, Office of Community & Governmental Relations
Tower 10th Floor 516.572.7664
Dr. Rita Langdon
Vice President for Institutional Advancement
Tower 6th Floor 516.572.0601
Ms. Rhonda Maco
Director, Equity, Inclusion and Affirmative Action
Tower 8th Floor 516.572.7121
Ms. Beatrice A Marin
Asst To The Director, Information Technology
F Cluster 3rd Floor 516.572.7222
Dr. Omar Mayyasi
Office of the Vice President, Finance and Administration
Tower 9th Floor 516.572.7701
Ms. Kerri-Ann McTiernan
Director, Physical Education and Athletics
Physical Education - 214 516.572.7537
Ms. Patricia M Noren
Director, Financial Aid
SSC 516.572.7397
Ms. Sandra O’Hare
Asst To The Director, Lifelong Learning
355 East Road 516.572.7472
Dr. David Oyero
Interim Dean of Students, Academic Student Services
CCB 3rd Floor 516.572.7376
Mr. Russell L. Penzer
General Counsel
359 Hazelhurst Ave 516.572.7809
Dr. Laurie Pezzullo
Assistant VP, Labor Relations
359 Hazelhurst Ave 516.572.7832
Ms. Maureen Ramert
Assistant Director, Corporate Credit, Drinking Driver Program
355 East Road 516.572.7699
Mr. Robert Ramirez
Director Environmental Health and Safety
353 Harmon Ave 516.572.7781
Ms. Deborah Reed-Segreti
Asst. Vice President, Human Resources
Tower 8th Floor – 830 516.572.7759
Mr. Christopher Rotella
Director, Information Technology
F Cluster-3265A 516.572.7222
Dr. Neil Singhani
College Physician/Health Services
SSC 516.572.7123 
Dr. Charmian Smith
Interim Vice President, Academic Student Services
Dr. Deborah Spiro
Assistant Vice President, Distance Education
350 Avenue U 516.572.9798
Ms. Katherine A Wagner
Assistant Director, Center For Workforce Development
355 East Road 516.572.7487
Ms. Annmarie Welch
Director, Student Financial Affairs
Tower 5th Floor 516.572.7326
Dr. Elizabeth Wood
Acting Dean of Instruction, Academic Affairs
361 Rice Circle 516.572.7452
Ms. Tina S Wynder
Director, Office of Institutional Research
353 Harmon Ave. 516.572.7771





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