Entrepreneurship Courses

The Certificate in Entrepreneurship includes 30-credits and incorporates the following 10 multidisciplinary courses. The Associate in Occupational Studies in Entrepreneurship requires the following courses and others for a total of 62 credits. Contact Us for more information.

MKT 100 - Introduction to Marketing

Description: Principles and methods employed in all phases of the distribution of goods and services from the producer to consumer. Emphasis on marketing activities includes product planning, consumer behavior, advertising, and marketing research. An overview of the dynamics of marketing which acquaints the student with the general philosophies of the business world. Offered: Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer
Credit Hours: 3

MKT 103 - Principles of Sales

Description: Techniques involved in retail, wholesale, and industrial level sales situations; personal requirements needed for success in the sales field; discussion of resume writing and job interview techniques; customer prospecting, product knowledge, handling objections, and closing strategies. Instructor and students evaluate actual sales presentations. Offered: Fall, Spring, Summer
Credit Hours: 3

MKT 112 - Small Business Marketing

Description: The success of the small business marketer is challenged by large multinational corporations. This course explores how to meet these challenges and overcome the obstacles presented in the current marketing environment. Particular emphasis is placed on the development of guerilla marketing techniques that small business enterprises can employ. Topics include: building a powerful marketing plan, using e-commerce, building a competitive advantage, recognizing cultural diversity, integrating marketing and pricing strategies, choosing the right location and layout, and using small business marketing plans for globalization Offered: Fall, Spring, Summer
Credit Hours: 3

MKT 130 - Marketing Research

Prerequisites: MKT 100
Description: Techniques of marketing research and other applications to practical marketing problems; information gathering methods, questionnaire formulation, sampling, and report writing. Includes an actual research study, which will be conducted by students Offered: Fall, Spring
Credit Hours: 3

MKT 160 - Customer Service

Description: This survey course will prepare the student for advanced study in the area of customer service. An extensive vocabulary of customer service terms will be developed and students will understand the basics of customer service, credit, collection, authorization services and fraud control. Offered: Fall, Spring
Credit Hours: 3

ACC 101 - Accounting I

Prerequisites: A student with two or more remedial requirements cannot take this course.
Description: This course is an introduction to financial statements, analysis of the statements, and accounting concepts for business entities. Other topics include cash, receivables, inventory, non-current assets, and current liabilities. Offered: Fall, Spring, Summer
Credit Hours: 3

BUS 111 - Entrepreneurship

Description: An introduction to the management of small business. The course covers the role of small business in the economy, and is designed both for those interested in establishing businesses as well as those who have already established them. Emphasis is placed on development of a managerial philosophy for entrepreneurs, managers, and potential managers. Course work includes operational techniques, legal and environmental relationships, and analysis of the risks and rewards of managing or owning small enterprises. Fall, Spring, Summer
Credit Hours: 3

BUS 140 - Human Resource Management

Description: Principles of effective human resource administration are discussed in this course. Topics include the human resources department and its objectives, management-labor relations with special references to elements affecting recruitment, selection, training, evaluation and compensation. Offered: Fall, Spring
Credit Hours: 3

FIN 110 - Personal Finance

Description: Personal Finance prepares students to manage their current and future financial affairs. Topics to be covered include: financial planning, saving and credit, insurance, government transfers, home buying, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and estate planning. This is a practical and sophisticated course intended to help students with their personal finances Offered: Fall, Winterim, Spring, Summer
Credit Hours: 3

LAW 103 - Business Law I

Description: An overview of the Law and the American legal system and court structure; an extensive study of the basic principles of the law of contracts, sales, and security devices Offered: Fall, Spring, Summer
Credit Hours: 3

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