Degree in Health Studies

Associate in Science (A.S.) Health Studies

The Associate in Science degree in Health Studies is designed to prepare students for transfer to a four year Bachelor’s Degree program in Health Studies or for students who want to pursue careers in Health related fields of study such as education, health literacy, nursing, medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, optometry, physical therapy, health care administration, occupational therapy, physical therapy, medical assistant, physician assistant, sex education, or podiatry.

The program also prepares students to obtain entry-level positions in the field. It is designed to begin the preparation of health professionals working in communities, hospitals, schools and work sites. Students receive a strong foundation in liberal arts as they complete general education requirements, while at the same time gaining specific knowledge in field of Health Studies. Graduates of the program will demonstrate effective research skills, an understanding of various influences that shape health values and perspectives as well as gain the ability to communicate and articulate appropriate language in the field of health studies.

ALL Health Studies majors MUST take these Health Courses:

In addition , they are required to take an additional 3 Health Courses- they can select any 3:

  • HED 202 - Health , Exercise , Nutrition and Weight Control
  • HED 203 - Infant Health and Care
  • HED 205 - Consumer Health
  • HED 211 - Women’s Health
  • HED 231 - Death Education : A Health Perspective
  • HED 251 - Human Sexuality
  • HED 271 - Alcoholism, Addiction

Careers you can pursue that can begin with a Health Studies Associates of Science degree:

  • Community Health Work
  • Counseling
  • Social Work
  • Health Care Administration
  • Medical and Health Services
  • Nursing
  • Public Health/Global Health
  • Substance Abuse counseling
  • Wellness Promotion/Health Coaching
  • Mindfulness Coaching
  • Sex Education
  • Health Education and Teaching
  • Birth Doula/Death Doula/Midwife
  • Lifestyle Consultant


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