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Chemistry Learning Center

 Call 516.572.7580 for updated hours for the learning center

The Chemistry Help Center is a department resource that provides chemistry students with reinforcement and tutorial services. The facility is located in Life Sciences Building (LFS) - Room 124. Contact the coordinator at 516.572.7015 for more information. All students must sign in and out by presenting their NCC I.D. cards at the door. The Chemistry Learning Center is an inviting and comfortable place for students to learn chemistry. The Center staff provides an environment designed to help students who are either working on assigned homework or asking questions about unfamiliar chemistry concepts. The Center staff is not permitted to help with laboratory assignments.

Our purpose is to help students develop a better understanding of chemistry through one-on-one tutoring with professional staff. We encourage students to be independent and work on their assignments as much as possible before requesting staff assistance. This enables the student to identify confusing areas of the assignment, and it gives staff members a better sense of where the students’ difficulties lie.

Students may use the center’s computers for completing their chemistry assignments, as well as making use of the various chemistry tutorial programs. Students need to bring their own disk if they wish to save their work.

The Chemistry Learning Center is for use by currently enrolled NCC chemistry students. To use the Center, please follow the following procedure:

  • Step One:  Swipe your NCC I.D. card at the computer. Log in your name, student identification number (S.S. #) and course name on the computer next to the main entrance.
  • Step Two: If you need help, sign in on the clipboard on the main desk. The next available staff member will call your name and assist you.
  • Step Three: Remember to log out on the Center computer before you leave.
  • Failure to follow the above procedure may jeopardize your chances for continued use of the Center.

Making Effective use of the Chemistry Learning Center

  • Set aside time several times a week for completing assignments and studying in the center. This enables the student to receive help if difficulties arise.
  • Be realistic in your expectations. Learning and mastering one section at a time is essential before moving on to the next section. It is often advantageous to alternate working on your own and getting help from the staff when difficulties arise.
  • To be successful in your course work, make sure you satisfy all course prerequisites, attend all classes, do the assigned readings and see your instructor during office hours, when possible.
  • The staff is available for support services. The services provided are not intended to take the place of classroom instruction, or for the purpose of “going ahead.”

Appropriate Student Responsibilities, Conduct and Etiquette

  • As an NCC student, you are part of a community of scholars who are committed to excellence in the educational experience. We expect that students will pursue their studies seriously.
  • Course success is primarily your responsibility. The Learning Center staff is here to help you. Be polite and courteous to them. These people spend their day helping students. You can make their task more enjoyable if you treat them nicely.
  • It is ethically wrong to ask a Center staff member to do your homework for you or to check all of your homework problems.
  • It is ethically wrong to ask a Center staff member to help you with projects and other special problems on which your instructor has specifically directed you to work alone or with classmates. Staff will report such efforts to the instructor.
  • Generally, staff may spend 10 to 15 minutes with each student. If you feel that you need more help that this time limit permits, you may sign up again.
  • Staff will help you get started on a problem. You are then responsible for making a genuine effort to progress through the problem before requesting help again.
  • Be certain that you have made a genuine attempt to solve the problem before you request additional help. This attempt ensures that the tutor will have an idea of how best to assist you in solving the problem.
  • You are responsible for planning and providing adequate time to receive tutoring from the Center staff. Schedule your time in the center well in advance of your assignment’s deadline.

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