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Fall Billing and Payment Information

Fall 2022


To finalize registration and to avoid cancellation of your class schedule, payment must be received by the due date.

Register Now, Pay Later

Early registration for fall classes through August 1st- Payment due August 18th!

You will receive your Bill/Class Schedule via NCC email after June 15.

Get ready:

• Complete your FAFSA  (school code 002873)
• Apply for TAP ( school code 2113)
• Check your account status on MyNCC
• Check out payment options

Late Registrations August 2nd or later

Current charges and class schedule may be viewed on MyNCC. .

If you register Payment is due
8/2/22 - 8/28/22 48 hours after registration
On or after 8/29/22 Immediately

*To avoid cancellation of your class schedule payment must be made before the scheduled due date.
Pay online before midnight!

Per SUNY's COVID-19 Vaccination Policy, any students who will have a presence on campus i.e. enrolled in courses with on-campus face-to-face (“F2F”) instruction, students working on campus, student athletes, and students who plan on using on-campus resources (library, bookstore, computer labs) and/or plan on attending on-campus events or club meetings are required to be either fully vaccinated, in process of being fully vaccinated, or be granted an exemption.

All changes to your schedule made after the initial registration may be viewed on MyNCC.

If you choose not to attend classes, you must drop your courses by midnight on August 31, 2022.
Liability schedule for Fall 2022 semester:
Classes Via MyNCC:
Last Day For 0% Liability Last Day For 25% Liability Last Day For 50% Liability Last Day For 75% Liability
Day/Evening/Weekend August 31, 2022 September 7, 2022 September 14, 2022 September 21, 2022


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