Medical Requirements

For Nursing & Allied Health Students

The Student Health Office will review your paperwork and will issue a “Blue Slip” when you have met all of your health requirements. The blue slip communicates that you have completed your medical clearance and are ready to participate in your clinical rotations.

  • All students must have a copy of their physical, all lab reports, and immunization records and MUST carry it on their person to their clinical agencies. The agency can ask you to show it at any time, and you must be able to present it to the agency.
  • ALL of these requirements must be completed before the beginning of the semester. There are no exceptions. If a student’s medical clearance is not complete, they may not go to the clinical agency, and that can be counted as a clinical absence.

Annual Physical

In order to be permitted to enter any of our affiliating clinical agencies, each student must have a yearly physical to be cleared. The physical form must be completed by your Health Care Provider (HCP). Once completed, make a COPY for your records and bring the ORIGINAL form to the Student Health Office located by the Theatre and the “U” buildings by the date given by your program. Every student needs to have their very own copy of the physical for their own records. You will need them for your clinical.

Annual Tuberculin Testing

Tuberculin blood testing is the preferred method of testing, however, PPDs are acceptable.

  • First Year Students: A two-Step tuberculin Skin PPD is required for 1st year students OR a blood based tuberculosis infection screening test (QuantiFERON, TB Gold, or a T-Spot blood test).any polio vaccine history is acceptable
  • 2nd Year Students in the program: require a one-step PPD Skin test or a two-Step PPD Skin test if you have been out of program greater than a year OR a blood based tuberculosis screening test (QuantiFERON, TB Gold, or T-Spot blood test). 
    • If there is a newly positive tuberculin screening test, a Chest X-Ray is required. A written chest x-ray report must be submitted to the Student Health Office.
    • If you have a History of a +Positive PPD, you will need to submit a recent Chest X-Ray report within two years. 
  • Returning Students: A Two Step PPD or a TB blood based screening test (ex. QuantiFERON) is needed for students who have been out of program for greater than a year.

Proof of Immunity to Measles, Mumps, Rubella and Varicella

Proof of immunity to measles, mumps, rubella and varicella as follows:

  • Positive Blood titers*

  • Appropriate doses of the vaccine:
    • Measles 2 doses     
    • Mumps 2 doses
    • Rubella 1 dose
    • Varicella (chicken pox) 2 doses

*These same blood titers or immunization records will be used for 2nd year physicals. Do not repeat blood titers for 2nd year physicals. 

Immunity to Hepatitis B

Proof of immunity to Hepatitis B:

  • Positive Hepatitis B surface antibody blood test

  • 3 dose series of Hepatitis B vaccine (given at 0, 1 and 6 month intervals)
  • Sign the Hepatitis B Declination Statement

It is highly recommended that ALL students receive the 3 dose series of Hepatitis B vaccine.

Flu Immunization

Proof of the current season’s FLU immunization:

  • This is a mandatory New York State Department of Health regulation. Flu immunization versus Mask NYSDOH regulations adopted on July 31, 2013 state if a student does not present proof of flu immunization, the student must wear a mask when in patient areas. 

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