Greenhouse Curriculum

The Greenhouse provides a full range of activities for children in a friendly and nurturing environment.

  • Children come and go all day at the center, so a variety of ongoing activities are offered which are based on a monthly center-wide curriculum theme.
  • Children are free to choose from building with blocks, easel painting, playing with playdough, water play, sand play, role playing in the dramatic play center, story time, music and movement, and more.
  • Children play outdoors each day, using age-appropriate equipment in one of our two playgrounds.
  • Most importantly, children are encouraged to develop a positive self-image and respect for others, to learn inner controls and self-help skills, and to cooperate with other children and adults.


As part of the child care day, the Preschool Two Group offers parents a typical preschool program for their children. The curriculum in Preschool Two is planned to build the foundation of learning that the children will need to be prepared for kindergarten. During each day the children work in small groups, called teams, which give them an opportunity to explore a variety of activities in depth. Letter and number recognition, pre-writing and pre-reading skills are just some of the lessons introduced. Working in teams gives the staff an opportunity to spend time with small groups of children and helps them to focus on a child’s particular strengths or on areas that need help.


The activities at the Greenhouse include regularly scheduled snacks and lunch, opportunities to rest and routines of physical caregiving that promote the children's comfort and health. Experiences with music, movement, art, language, literacy, math and science are interwoven throughout the day. Most importantly, the children have fun while they are learning!


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