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This initiative is part of an ongoing effort to support the needs of our students. Offering a limited number of courses in this format will allow students the flexibility to make changes to their schedule without missing valuable class time. Please note the semester runs from, September 15-December 22.

Application Info and Deadline

The Admissions and Registrar’s Offices will continue to accept applications for non-degree students seeking to take classes for personal enrichment or to matriculate into one of our many programs offered at NCC until Monday, September 19, 2022.

Disclaimer: For NYS awards, a student who takes Late Start Fall Semester courses must be registered in the required credit load for the particular award and at least one course that meets for the full 15 weeks by the start of the semester. The student cannot add courses at a later date during the semester to achieve the required course load or enrollment status.

Certification for NYS awards cannot take place until the Late Start Fall courses begin.


If you're interested in taking a class, contact the Office of Admissions for degree seeking students or the Registrar’s Office if you wish to be non-degree student.


Classes Being Offered in the Late Start Fall Semester

For a listing of classes in the Late Start Term beginning September 15:

  • Click on the Search Offered Late Start Classes, below.
  • Select the Term: Fall 2022 and hit Submit.
  • Select Late Start from the Part of Term choices.
  • Click Class Search at the bottom of the page.

Search Offered Late Start Classes

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