History, Political Science, Geography & Latin American Studies

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Phone: 516.572.7422
Location: Bldg. G - 257
Chairperson: Prof. Miguel Alonso


In the area of history, the Department offers introductory courses in United States history, Western civilization and non-Western civilizations In the field of political science, the Department offers courses in national, international, state, and local governments. A selective program of electives is also provided in history, geography, latin american studies, and political science designed to meet the varied needs of both the general student and the student who wishes to pursue those studies. Distance Education instruction, as College of the Air, web-enhanced and online modalities, is available in selected history courses.


Why this program?

This program provides students with skills for success in a changing world. Distance Education instruction, including, hybrid and online modalities, is available in selected history courses.

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Course Descriptions

View the History Political Science, and Geography department's course descriptions and programs of study in the current College Catalog.

History (HIS)
Political Science (POL)
Geography (GEO)
Interdisciplinary (IGS)
Latin American Studies (LAS)

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