Engineering, Physics and Technology

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Phone: 516.572.7383
Chairperson: Stuart Kaplan

General Science Studies

These courses are all four-credit Laboratory Science classes and have been approved as SUNY Gen Ed requirements. A range of courses is offered in this category. GSS103/GSS104 are the Science of Physics I and II. GSS106 is the Science of Sound and Music. GSS108 is the Science of Light and Color GSS111/112 are the Sciences of Our World I and II. GSS120 is the Science of Electronics. These courses are specifically designed for the student wishing to gain an understanding of scientific ideas, methodologies and principles that are specific to a relevant area of interest. A more detailed description of these courses can be found in the College catalog or the College website.

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The Physics courses available at NCC are designed to satisfy the requirements for instruction in Physics for students in many disciplines and meet the standards for transfer as "general education" courses within the various SUNY institutions. In addition, these courses are acceptable for transfer credit to most private colleges and universities. The sequences available include calculus- and non-calculus-based courses suitable to majors in engineering, the physical sciences, biological sciences, Allied Health Sciences, mathematics and education (high school teachers of physics). These courses may also be suitable for those students who have an interest in physics and would like to satisfy their "laboratory science requirement" with courses in the discipline.

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Lab/Help Centers

The Engineering and Physics Help Centers offer tutoring to students enrolled in courses in the department.


Building D, Room 114


Building D, Room 218
Day and evening hours are available

Times vary according to class schedules. Please call the department to verify the hours at 516.572.7272.

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