Economics and Finance

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Phone: 516.572.7181
Location: Building G, 155
Chairperson: Dr. Rosemary DeRiso

Economics and Finance provide a bridge between the liberal arts and business programs by offering fundamental survey courses to satisfy the degree requirements of both social science and business students. The Department's courses provide an understanding of the origins, characteristics, and functions of economic and financial systems. The courses will enable students to develop critical thinking skills while studying the structure and dynamics of the U.S. and global economies.

Students wishing to pursue study at the Baccalaureate level in economics or finance should consult an advisor in the Department of Economics and Finance. Our Full Time Faculty Members can serve as advisors in this area.

Student Activities

The Department of Economics and Finance encourages student participation in our student sponsored clubs and activities. Please contact a faculty advisor for more information, or visit the NCC Student Club Directory.

Wall Street Club

Faculty Advisors:
Rosemary DeRiso
Daniel Wolman

Course Descriptions

View the Economics and Finance department's course descriptions in the current College Catalog.

Economics (ECO)
Finance (FIN)

Course Outlines

Do you need a course outline to establish transfer credit equivalencies for your school? If so, please email the Department along with Nassau Community College’s designated course name and number (for example, ECO 208 – Principles of Microeconomics) and we will reply to the email with a PDF for your transferring school to review.

Center for Economic Education

The New York State Council on Economic Education, established in 1959, is an independent, nonpartisan, nonprofit 501(c)3 educational organization dedicated to ending economic illiteracy by improving the quantity and quality of economic education in our public and private schools, kindergarten through grade 12.

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Prerequisite Overrides

You are responsible for knowing the prerequisites for the classes that you wish to register. To check the prerequisite for our course, please see the Course Descriptions, above. If you are enrolling in a class for which the prerequisites have not been met at Nassau Community College, you will be required to contact the Department to get an override waiving the prerequisites.

Please email a PDF version of your academic transcript to with the following information:

  • Name
  • NCC ID#
  • Course number and title
  • Semester you wish to take the course

If the prerequisite can be satisfied, we will process the override and email you that it is done. After that, you may register online or at the Office of the Registrar for any open course.

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