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Phone: 516-572-7170
Location: Bldg. G - 359
Chairperson: Jill Burgreen


Through the study and application of communications processes, content, and media, communications courses guide the student toward a better understanding of self and society and help develop more effective communications skills. The Department offers work in four areas of study: communications arts, media, speech and hearing pathology and sign language. In addition to encouraging personal enrichment, each pattern assists the student in preparing for a career that requires both a theoretical and technical knowledge of communications, plus related skills.

It is recommended that students use the Associate in Arts degree as the foundation for a more advanced track at a four-year college. Such a sequence may lead to greater opportunity in business, industrial communication, marketing, advertising, public relations, radio, television, magazines, newspapers, government service, social service, speech and hearing rehabilitation, speech education and the arts.

Course Descriptions

View the Communication department's course descriptions in the current College Catalog.
American Sign Language (ASL)
Communication Arts (COM)
Media (COM)

Lab & Help Center

The Communications Help Center offers computer assisted instruction for students in advanced ESL communications courses, tutoring for students in American Sign Language courses, audio and video supplementary materials and software programs for communications classes.

The Communications Lab/Help Center is located in Building F, Rm 117.
To verify Center hours, call 516.572.9671

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