MyNCC Text Message Notification

Text Message Notification when MyNCC Email is Received

1. In your Internet Browser (Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, etc.) Login to the MyNCC Portal.

Portal Login Box

2. On the top left navigation menu you'll see an area called "Launch Pad".  Click the Mail Icon to access MyNCC Student E-Mail.

Launchpad Icons

3. On the top right click the "Wheel" or "Gear" icon, then Click the "Settings" link.

GMail Settings DropDownList

4. Open your Settings panel in Gmail, and then click on the "Forwarding and POP/IMAP" tab.

IMAP Settings Menu

 5. Click "Add a forwarding address" button.

GMail Forward 1

6. Enter a ten digit cell phone number with the corresponding carrier extension (see below), then click the "Next" button.

 GMail Forward 2

7. Verify the phone number is correct and click the "Proceed" button.

GMail Forward 3

8. Click "OK" to send the confirmation code to the telephone number you typed in above.

GMail Forward 4

9. Below is a sample text message verification code, the nine numbers after the "#"

Text Message Image


10. Type the verification code from the text message and click the "Verify" button.

GMail Forward 5

11. A prompt will appear telling you the forwarding was setup successfully.

GMail Forward 6

12. Below is what you should see after the forwarding has been setup.

GMail Forward 8

Cell Phone Carrier Extensions

The e-mail address will be the cell phone number followed by the carrier extension. An example email address would be for cell phone number 856-555-1111 with Verizon Wireless as a service provider. Some of the more popular cell phone carrier extensions are listed below.

AllTel: (cell#)

AT&T: (cell#)

Cingular: (cell#)

Nextel: (cell#)

T-Mobile: (cell#)

Sprint: (cell#)

Tracfone: (cell#)

Verizon Wireless: (cell#)

The next time you receive an email from Nassau Community College a text message will be sent to your cell phone notifying you. Please Note: Text messaging charges may apply depending on the recipient's cell phone plan. Please check with your cell phone provider.


Disable Text Message Notification

1. Click the drop down arrow and select "Remove: XXX-XXX-XXXX (in use)".

GMail Forward 9


2. A popup box will ask you to confirm, click "OK".


GMail Forward 10


3. A successful remove message will be shown at the top of the page.

GMail Forward 11

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