Your NCC-ID will always begin with a capital "N" followed by eight (8) numbers, i.e. N00XXXXXX.

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Stay Connected! Use Your NCC Student Email!

  • Receive important messages from your professors
  • Watch for timely registration, payment and financial updates
  • Check out e-newsletters from the Dean of Students
  • Look for weather alerts, delayed openings and College-wide class cancellation notices
  • Be among the first to hear about all things NCC!

Nassau Community College is pleased to provide you with a student email account. All of the important information you need about your experience at NCC is right here.


Login To MyNCC Portal

Use your MyNCC Portal User ID and password to sign in.


MyNCC Portal Login Box

LaunchPad Icons

On the top left navigation menu you'll see an area called "Launch Pad".  Click the Mail Icon to access MyNCC Student Email.

Launchpad Icons


MyNCC Student Email Inbox

A new Browser window will open and you will see your MyNCC Student Email.

Student Email Inbox

Email Address

Your Full MyNCC Student Email Address is:
Where XXX are the LAST 3 numbers in your NCC-ID.

Your MyNCC Student Email is where you will receive all official correspondence from the College. You may also use your MyNCC Student Email to communicate with your instructors and fellow students.

FORWARDING MyNCC Student email

It is strongly suggested that you DO NOT forward your MyNCC Student Email to another Email account for the following reasons:

  • Some email providers may see Nassau Student Email as spam and automatically filter messages into the bulk mail or spam folder.
  • When MyNCC Student Email is mixed with messages from family or friends, you might overlook important student informational messages that are important to student life at Nassau.
  • It is a good practice to separate student correspondence and coursework from your personal email account.

Features of your Account

Nassau has partnered with Google to offer you a Gmail account which is a powerful web-based email service. The current suite of MyNCC Student Email service offered by Google Apps for Education includes Email, Calendar, Docs, and Talk.

  • Over 30 GB of storage. Keep all your important messages, assignments, files and pictures.
  • Spam protection.
  • Search your mail instantly. Use Google search within Student Email to find the exact message you want, no matter when it was sent or received.
  • View documents created in PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, and Excel attachments without downloading the file.
  • Calendar to help you share class schedules, calendars, events with friends and much more.
  • Message filtering so you can organize your message from different sources.

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