Student Activities Office

Student Activities Office

  • Bus schedules
  • Campus maps/directions
  • Information about joining and/or starting a club
  • Useful campus publications (daily planner, club directory, latest issue of student newspaper)
  • Information about upcoming student events (concerts, parties, trips, lectures, etc.)
  • Theater "two-fers"
  • Tickets to club-sponsored programs
  • Details about the Student Activities YouTube page
  • Step by step program planning and set up; sound and lighting suggestions
  • Equipment loans of coffee pots, serving pieces, punch bowls, etc.
  • Posting of your event information on the electronic sign and on the MTVU message system (contact Lisa Roddini in Room 150 of the College Center Building).
  • Posting of information about club meetings and events on the First-Year Experience Twitter page (email information about events to
  • Duplication services for student club business - mimeographing, photocopying, poster enlarging (available for a modest fee)
  • Fax machine for club use

Mailboxes for student clubs that are active - a great source of information about what's happening with other clubsStudent Activities Lion Club Challenge

About the Club Challenge:The Lion Club Challenge is a competition for any and all sanctioned clubs at NCC. The competition is for clubs to go beyond their club meetings and activities and to reach out and give back to the NCC community at large. The competition will involve community projects, service learning, fund raising, attending social and athletic events, and charitable events throughout the year.Guidelines and rules:


  • Each club interested in competing must register with the Student Activities Office.  The club must have all paper work and have their adviser check eligibility of all e board members.
  • There can be only team per club. A roster of members who will compete must be submitted at time of registration.
  • Students can only represent one club.
  • All participants must be current, registered NCC students.How it works:
  • Clubs will compete in different challenges throughout the academic year accumulating as many points as they can.
  • Specific events may require a designated number of participants to get points.
  • Club members can compete in multiple events.
  • The winning Club will be announced at the End of the Year Club Banquet.

How do you earn points?

  • Holding an events on campus open to the general college community.

(Max of 3 per month) 30 points per event.Create and participate in the “Day Of Service, April 18,2018 200 points

    • A Community Service project. Photo proof required.100 points, must have at least 6 members on project.
    • Attend and have photo proof of attending an athletic event, theatre performance, musical event on campus.( Min. of 6 members per event) 50 points each event.
    • Volunteer at the NEST, (Min. of 3 members) 50 points, photo proof required.
    • Give Blood at a Blood Drive, (Photo verification, min. of 3 members) 20 points per member. Photo proof for each.
    • Attend a workshop, proof of attendance, flyer signed or photo with presenter.  Min of 3 members. 10 points for each workshop with at least 3 members present.
    • Evening Activity Hour.  Must have at least 3 members attend. Photo proof with presenter.  (10 points 5:30pm- 12/5/17 & 2/13/18. 15 points 7pm-10/24/17 & 3/20/18 and 25 points for 8:30pm – 9/26/17 & 4/17/18) per evening. 
    • Attend Transfer Fair, P building, all day 10/26/17, at least 3 members with phot proof.
    • Attend FYE “Common Read” with author Laura Bates, 10am or 1pm, at least 3 members, phot proof. 11/14/17.
    • Have at least 3 members give at the Blood Drive, 11/16/17, CCB Multi-purpose room photo proof.
    • Attend Great American Smoke Out, 11/16/17, CCB 8:30am -2:30 pm, must have a least three members and photo of attendance.
    • Attend Multi-Cultural Fair, 2/15/18, 11:30-1 pm, CCB. At least 3 members with phot proof.
    • Attend Substance Awareness Day, 3/21/18, CCB Multi-purpose room9am-4pm.
    • Attend the Annual “Green Day”, 3/7/17,CCB Multipurpose-9:30am-3:15pm
    • Participate in “Day of Service”, 4/19/18. At least 3 members involved in project, photo proof.
    • Attend “Job Fair”, Phy. Ed. Complex, 4/19/18, 10am-1:30pm. At least 3 members with photo proof.
    • FYE Day of Service, 4/18/18, Participate in an event, at least 6 members

    Photo proof of presentation.  100 points.

    Spring Fling Competition:  4/24/17, rain date 4/26/17

    Club will compete again others in different events. The events will be made available soon.

     What do you get if you win?

     Your Club name etched on the LION CLUB CHALLENGE PLAQUE.A free luncheon hosted by the Student Activities Office for all winning club members.

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