Nursing Information Sessions

Information sessions

  • All sessions start promptly at designated times.
  • No appointment is necessary to attend an information session.
  • All sessions are open to anyone interested in Nursing.
Fall 2019
Nursing Information Sessions
Day Date Time Building/Room
Tuesday September 10th 5:00pm LSB 120
Tuesday October 1st 5:00pm LSB 120
Tuesday October 29th 5:00pm LSB 120
Tuesday November 26th 5:00pm LSB 120
Tuesday December 10th 5:00pm LSB 120
Advanced Placement - LPN to RN Information Sessions
Day Date  Time Building/Room
Wednesday October 2nd 10:15am LSB 106
Wednesday October 2nd 4:00pm LSB 303
Wednesday November 20th 10:30am LSB 106
Wednesday November 20th 4:00pm LSB 303
Computation of Dosage Review and Practical Demonstration
Day Date Time Building/Room
Saturday October 5th 9:00am LSB 304
Saturday October 19th 11:00am LSB 304
Computation of Dosage and I&O Exams
Email: if you are interested in taking the exams. Both exams are given at this time. 
Day Date Time Building/Room
Saturday October 19th 9:00am LSB 304
Saturday November 16th 9:00am LSB 304

 LSB = Life Sciences Building

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