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Lawrence Jacob - Program Director, NCC
Lisa Tine - Program Faculty, NCC
Jim Gilmartin - Program Faculty, NCC
Christine Viscome Clinical Instructor, NCC
Matthew Dunlop Technical Assistant, NCC
Dr. Gary Klinger AHS Chairman, NCC
Ralph Corbino - Radiology Director, Good Samaritan Hospital
Debra Devitto Good Samaritan Hospital
Farah Misurella Good Samaritan Hospital
Dean Dusharme - NUMC
John Aloisio - Assistant Vice-President –Imaging Service Line Northwell Health
Jim Henglein - Administrative Director Radiology Northwell Manhasset
Charles Winterfeldt Asst. Director of Radiology Northwell Manhasset
Susanne Colaci-Hannon Northwell Manhasset
Susan Burgos - Northwell Manhasset
Vanessa Araujo Northwell Manhasset
oyce Pinero Northwell Syosset
Lidia Jurado - Northwell Plainview
Lisa D’Andrea Northwell Plainview
Barbara Bebirian Adjunct Faculty, NCC
Dawn San Fillipo - Adjunct Faculty, NCC
Mitchell Klein Adjunct Faculty, NCC
Jeanine Santorelli Zwanger and Pesiri Radiology
Daniel Van Vorst HR Director, Zwanger and Pesiri Radiology
Sam George Zwanger and Pesiri Radiology
Tom Cummings Zwanger and Pesiri Radiology
Dave Sackett - Saint Francis Heart Center
Keith Foster - Saint Francis Heart Center
Adriel Sealy Saint Francis Heart Center
Thomas Knichel - Radiology Director, Northwell Huntington
Michael Karman Northwell Huntington
Edlyn Fernandez Long Island Jewish at Valley Stream
Juan Centeno Long Island Jewish at Valley Stream
Maureen Perez Radiology Director, Northwell Southside
Jeremy Bodiongan Northwell Southside
Phil Iorio - Northwell Southside
Andreas Nicou - Radiology Director-LIJ
Tatiana Porcelli LIJ
Senior Radiologic Technology Student - NCC
Senior Radiologic Technology Student - NCC
Junior Radiologic Technology Student - NCC
Junior Radiologic Technology Student - NCC



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