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For the Fall, under the guidance of State and County officials, and placing health and safety first, NCC will provide the majority of courses that can be instructed remotely or online in this format. Courses that have critical components and require face-to-face instruction, including classes with lab components that cannot easily be replicated remotely, will be instructed on-campus in a face-to-face format following appropriate health and safety guidelines and procedures to maintain the safety of the NCC community.

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October Late Start Classes

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There’s still time to take control of your education!

Nassau Community College is offering a limited number of courses for a 7.5 week program. These courses will allow students the flexibility to enhance their academic journeys and get ahead with a high-quality education from NCC.  The October Late Start classes run from October 25 through December 21. All classes being offered are listed below and will be conducted through either remote or online instruction.

Registration is open to all current and new non-degree students.




All new non-degree students must complete an in-person paper application at The Registrar’s Office, located in the Student Services Center. Applications will be accepted until October 23rd. Please email registrar@ncc.edu or call 516.572.7131 for more information. SSC Hours Of Operation

Classes Being Offered in the “Late Start” Semester
Class Title CRN Day Time
ART 130 D1 Graphic Design I 13523 Mon, Wed, Fri 9:30am - 12:15pm
BUS 110 D2 Intro to Business 13518 Mon, Wed 9:30am - 10:45am
BUS 110 D2 Intro to Business 13518 Tue, Thur 10:00am - 11:15am
BUS 110 OLD Intro to Business 13516    
BUS 112 OLD Principles of Management 13517    
COM 101 C1 Interpersonal Communications 13519 Tue, Thur 8:30am - 11:15am
ENG 101 K1 Composition I 13528 Tue, Thur 1:00pm - 3:45pm
HIS 101 OLC Hist of West Civ through 18th 13524    
HIS 103 OLC Hist of US through Civil War 13530    
LAW 204 G2 Real Property 12026 Mon, Wed 11:00am - 1:45pm
MAT 102 OLI Intro Statistics 13531    
MET 101 C+ Intro to Meteorology/Weather 13529 Tue, Thur 8:30am - 11:15am
MKT 100 G+2 Introduction to Marketing 13521 Mon, Wed 11:00am - 12:15pm
NTR 198 OLE Nutrition for Healthcare Prof 13520    
PED 257 D2 Jogging Coed 13428 Mon, Wed 9:30am - 10:45am
SOC 201 E2 Introduction to Sociology 12538 Tue, Thur 10am - 12:45pm
SOC 201 OLH Introduction to Sociology 13526    
SPS 202 OLB Career Management 13527    

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