How to report COVID-19 symptoms not-yet confirmed with testing

  • Stay home, or if you are on Campus, leave immediately, regardless of your vaccination status.
  • Complete the “Report a Positive Test, Exposure, or Symptoms” form, located in the MyNCC Portal and NCC Mobile App. The form will ask you to report the date your symptoms began.
  • Please be sure to use your NCC Email address on the first page of the form if you are using the web based version. Employees - If you do not have an email address, please reach out to the IT department or your supervisor to have one created for you.
  • Notify your professor (students) or supervisor (employees) directly that you are reporting symptoms.
  • Please obtain a test as soon as possible. Home tests are allowed.

Isolate for 5 days

You will need to calculate your potential return-to-campus date.

  • Day 0 is the day you first had symptoms.
  • Your isolation period will not change if you test positive after symptoms begin.

For example, if you had symptoms on January 3rd

January 3rd= Day 0 (first day of symptoms)
   January 4 = Day 1
   January 5 = Day 2
   January 6 = Day 3
   January 7 = Day 4
January 8 = Day 5, Complete “COVID-19 Clearance Form” 
January 9 = Return to Campus

  • On Day 5 of your isolation, complete the “COVID-19 Clearance Form”, located in the MyNCC Portal and NCC Mobile App. Based on your answers, you will either be cleared to return to Campus or instructed to continue your isolation.
  • If cleared to return, you must continue to wear a well-fitting mask indoors at all times and social distance, where practicable. Surgical and KN95 masks are strongly recommended.

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