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How to report a positive COVID-19 test

All individuals on Campus who have tested positive, including those who have tested using On-Campus Surveillance Testing, must report their positive tests through the “Report a Positive Test, Exposure, or Symptoms” form, located in the MyNCC Portal and NCC Mobile App.

EMPLOYEES Please note, moving forward, do not contact COVIDHR@ncc.edu if you are reporting a positive test, symptoms, or exposure. All reporting must be done through the aforementioned form.

If you test positive for COVID-19:

  • Stay home, or if you are on Campus, leave immediately, regardless of your vaccination status.
  • Complete the “Report a Positive Test, Exposure, or Symptoms” form, located in the MyNCC Portal and NCC Mobile App. The form will ask you to report the date your test was taken, as well as date of first symptoms (if applicable).
  • Please be sure to use your NCC Email address on the first page of the form if you are using the web-based version. Employees - If you do not have an NCC email address, please reach out to the IT department or your supervisor to have one created for you.
  • Please notify your professor (students) or  supervisor (employees) directly that you are reporting a positive test.
  • Quarantine for 5 days starting from the first day of symptoms or the date you test positive if you remain asymptomatic.

If you test positive, and develop symptoms sometime after
day 0 is your first day of symptoms

January 3 = Test for COVID-19 is conducted
January 4 = Day 0 (first day of symptoms)
January 5 = Day 1
January 6 = Day 2
January 7 = Day 3
January 8 = Day 4
January 9 = Day 5, Complete “COVID-19 Clearance Form”
January 10 = Return To Campus

If you tested positive and remain asymptomatic

January 3 = Day 0 (Test for COVID-19 is conducted)
January 4 = Day 1
January 5 = Day 2
January 6 = Day 3
January 7 = Day 4
January 8 = Day 5, Complete “COVID-19 Clearance Form”
January 9 = Return To Campus

  • On Day 5 of your isolation, complete the “COVID-19 Clearance Form”, located in the MyNCC Portal and NCC Mobile App. Based on your answers, you will either be cleared to return to Campus or instructed to continue your isolation.
  • If cleared to return, you must continue to wear a well-fitting mask indoors at all times and social distance where practicable. Surgical or KN95 masks are strongly recommended.

Important Information about NY State COVID-19 leave:

For Employees -

  • NY State COVID-19 leave is now aligned with CDC guidelines and covers 5 days.
  • If you are able to work remotely, you are not eligible for NY State COVID-19 leave.
  • Please contact your HR rep to receive the County's COVID-19 Leave Form and for further instructions. 

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