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Catherine Vanek
B.S. | M.S.

The TRiO SSS coaches meet TRiO SSS participants in their offices.

TRiO Student Support Services at NCC.

In 2016 Nassau Community College was awarded a total of $1.8 million over the following five years to continue its highly successful Student Support Services (SSS) TRiO Project. Our SSS TRiO Project is a federally funded outreach program designed to identify and provide specific academic support services to eligible students. 

SSS TRiO Success Coaches

  • Catherine Lewis, SSS TRiO Coach, B.A., M.S. Ed
  • Donna Sparberg, SSS TRiO Success Coach, M.S. 
  • Gina Esposito-Sales, SSS TRiO Success Coach, B.A. in Psychology, M.A. in Educational Counseling
  • Marie Del Papa, SSS TRiO Success Coach, B.A., M.S., S.A.S. 
  • Seeta Ramprasad, SSS TRiO Success Coach, M.S.W
  • Sharon Grossman, SSS TRiO Success Coach and Deaf Specialist, M.S., C.S.C.
  • William Zatulskis, SSS TRiO Success Coach, M.A. Ed Counseling

TRiO Administrative Assistant:

  • Karen Granville, B. S.  

Purpose of the SSS TRiO Project:

Our SSS TRiO Project provides Academic Support Services to qualified students who meet the federal SSS TRiO eligibility criteria. The Nassau Community College SSS TRiO project utilizes the proven strategies of Encouragement, Mentoring and Monitoring (EMM) to achieve a high rate of retention and persistence for SSS TRiO participants. The SSS TRiO project helps to ameliorates some of the academic barriers that qualified students daily by employing academic success strategies that have a proven record of facilitating a high rate of graduation and transfer to a four (4) year college. 

SSS TRiO Eligibility:

  1. The student must be registered with CSD to be considered as a candidate for the SSS TRiO Project and fill out the appropriate application/entry form.
  2. The student must be a citizen of the United States.
  3. The student should be in the First year of enrollment at NCC.
  4. The student should have as their goal to graduate and transfer to a four (4) year college.
  5. The student must demonstrate to their SSS TRiO Success Coach that they are “Receptive” to suggestions and recommendations that have a proven record of achievement towards the educational goals of the SSS TRiO project.

SSS TRiO Participants Are Expected To:  

  1. Meet frequently (one-on-one) with their personal dedicated SSS TRiO Success Coach.
  2. First year students will meet with their SSS TRiO Success Coach at least bi-weekly.
  3. Develop a college success plan with the SSS TRiO Success Coach.
  4. Develop specific academic and life goals and review them periodically.
  5. Address college challenges and work on solutions as they arise.
  6. Employ the SSS TRiO GPS: Goals, Persistence and Success, skills development.

The NCC SSS TRiO Project Provides Five Applicable Services:

Mandated by the US Education Department (USED)

  1. Academic Math tutoring to eligible students who request an appointment.
  2. Advice and assistance with Post-secondary course selection and registration.
  3. Educational counseling to improve financial and economic life.
  4. Information in applying for Financial Aid.
  5. Assistance in applying to and completing Student Federal Aid applications to four (4) year colleges.

Benefits of NCC SSS TRiO Participation:

  1. NCC's SSS TRiO provides its participants with academic tutoring in Math and referrals to on-campus tutoring in other subjects.
  2. SSS TRiO students have a Personal “TRiO Success Coach” to provide a high level of academic support services throughout the year.
  3. SSS TRiO Participants meet frequently, one-on-one, with their Success Coaches to map and review their College Career Plan and resolve any issues with their professors should they arise.
  4. SSS TRiO Grant Aid: Students could be eligible to receive SSS TRiO Grant Aid if they are SSS TRiO participants, submit an application of eligibility, write an essay and are selected. Our Grant Aid is a significant amount of money between $600-$1,000 dollars.
  5. SSS TRiO participants have the opportunity to increase their peer relationships and join a network of SSS TRiO participants which includes many famous SSS TRiO Alumni.  
  6. As a SSS TRiO participant you are a member of a great National Organization, federally funded and dedicated to providing a higher level of academic support services to facilitate your college success and your future success as you network across the nation.
  7. Our SSS TRIO participants have a 75% retention rate due to the close working relationship with their SSS TRiO Success Coaches


SSS TRiO Regulations

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