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The Community Policing Officer Program (CPO)

The Community Policing Officer Program (CPO) is an on going effort by Public Safety to become more accessible tothe campus community. The goal of these officers is to continue to build on and strengthen ties to the students, faculty and staff throughout the College. This is accomplished by interaction in classroom visits, meetings and informational conversations while still supplying a secure and safe campus. For further information on the Community Policing Officer Program, please contact the following Zone Commanders:

Zone # 1

Commander is Sgt. Frank Aguilar.
Zone 1 includes the Old Campus and all areas West of the Quadrangle and West of Public Safety Headquarters.

Zone # 2

Commander is Lt. Diane Stachniewicz.
Zone 2 includes the College Union, G Building, CCB Building, K Building, Bradley Hall and all administrative buildings.

Zone # 3

Commander is Lt. Douglas Griffin.
Zone 3 includes the clusters A through F. It also includes the Library, Tower Building and Physical Education Complex.

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