exclamation IconNCC Fall Semester

For the Fall, under the guidance of State and County officials, and placing health and safety first, NCC will provide the majority of courses that can be instructed remotely or online in the following format. Courses that have critical components and require face-to-face instruction, including classes with lab components that cannot easily be replicated remotely, will be instructed on-campus in a face-to-face format following appropriate health and safety guidelines and procedures to maintain the safety of the NCC community.

Covid-19 Faculty and Staff Info & Resources

SUNY Remote Instruction

SUNY  has set up Instructional Design Support Sessions and upcoming webinars to help faculty with remote teaching.

SUNY Blackboard Support

The Open SUNY Helpdesk provides technical support with Blackboard via telephone, web, chat, and email. The Open SUNY Support Services HelpDesk provides primary support for Blackboard. Current students, faculty, and campus staff may contact us for any questions specifically related to online courses on the colleges Blackboard website.

SUNY Support Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday 7am - 12am EST
Saturday 10am - 5pm EST
Sunday 1pm - 9pm EST

Working Remotely

Working remotely is defined as working outside of a traditional office environment - in this instance - working from home. It is important to remember that employees working remotely are working their regular hours while at home.

This includes:

  • Attending meetings remotely (when required)
  • Communicating with members of the College Community and others by email and telephone. (Employees should check their office voicemail daily)
  • Performing any duties assigned to you by your supervisor

During this current situation, each employee should be in contact with their supervisor for directions regarding assignments to be performed during this time. It is recommended that supervisors establish daily check-ins with employees to ensure regular communication and an effective workflow process to meet the department’s needs. All supervisors are to consider the capability of what can be performed remotely by each employee.


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