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For the Fall, under the guidance of State and County officials, and placing health and safety first, NCC will provide the majority of courses that can be instructed remotely or online in this format. Courses that have critical components and require face-to-face instruction, including classes with lab components that cannot easily be replicated remotely, will be instructed on-campus in a face-to-face format following appropriate health and safety guidelines and procedures to maintain the safety of the NCC community.

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What is NCC ACCESS: Course Materials on Day One?

NCC ACCESS is a Nassau Community College affordability initiative that delivers your required course materials to you on or before the first day of class. The charge is posted directly to your NCC Account as a Book Charge and can be paid along with your other College charges. The tuition and fees charges are offset by any financial aid and loans you may have been awarded. View all tuition costs and fees.

How does NCC ACCESS work?

All NCC courses are participating in NCC ACCESS and you are automatically opted in. You will receive an email approximately a week prior to classes beginning that will explain how to access your materials. By participating in NCC ACCESS, you will receive a digital, rental or physical copy of your course materials on or before the first day of class.

What are my Material Options?

NCC ACCESS provides both digital and physical materials to students, depending on the instructor's adoption (textbook and course material choices). The adoption may include course supplies if the instructor deems the supplies necessary for the course.

Digital materials are provided to students directly through Blackboard on day one of class. Online access to the ebooks is available on nearly any device and in any space. Some ebooks can be downloaded directly onto a tablet or laptop. On the other hand, if a professor chooses to use a physical textbook, students are notified via email to pick up their book at the bookstore. Further instruction is provided below for picking up materials. 

What is the benefit of participating in the program?

With NCC Access, all students can have the course materials they need on the first day of class, stress-free and effortlessly – which levels the playing field for all students, regardless of their financial situation. It’s about reducing student stress and increasing preparedness so our students can succeed.  

NCC ACCESS for Faculty

With NCC ACCESS, Faculty can enjoy the academic freedom to choose the content provider, edition, and course material type that best fits their class curriculum. Everyone in class will have the same edition on day one — allowing instruction to start right away.

Follett troubleshoots and provides instructions for accessing materials so faculty members won't need to serve as tech support for digital course materials.

Faculty Member Access to Materials:

  • If an eBook is adopted to your course you will also have access in blackboard to your titles. 
  • If a physical book is needed please contact the bookstore for publisher information to order complimentary desk copy. We can also request on your behalf. 

Driver Pickup Directions Only

  1. Wait for an email confirmation from the NCC Bookstore that your order is available for pick up.
  2. Once you have received email from bookstore stating your pickup is ready, create an account with Sign Up Genius 
  3. Choose your desired date and time and only 1 pickup time slot (eg.QTY 1)

    You have a ten-minute window to show up to your time slot. DO NOT SHOW UP EARLY. If you are late your time will be removed and you will need to reserve a new time slot.
  4. If you are driving, follow these directions and HAVE VALID ID UPON PICKUP

    1. Show up at your selected time
    2. YOU MUST stop at parking lot attendant who will tell you which spot to park in.
    3. REMAIN IN YOUR CAR AT ALL TIMES, if you would like your books placed in trunk or back seat, have doors unlocked and direct team member as they approach your car.
    4. If any items are missing from package, DO NOT LEAVE CAR TO ENTER THE BOOKSTORE. Call, 516.572.7168.
      Be advised that all materials may not be available for initial pick up. You will receive additional emails to pickup items as they become avaibale. 

Non-Driver Pickup Directions Only


  1. Please follow steps 1-3 above.
    1. During the sign up process, indicate in the comment section that you are a commuter student.
  2. Show up at designated time and proceed to front of bookstore (double doors).
  3. Stand on designated blue lines to follow all social distancing practices.
    1. If any items are missing from your package, CALL 516.572.7168
      Be advised that all materials may not be available for initial pick up. You will receive additional emails to pickup items as they become avaibale.

Shipping Instructions

If you prefer to have your physical materials shipped, visit www.nassaustore.com, search for “shipping fee” and complete your online transaction. (Important: Enter Name, N# and NCC email address in the special information box so we can match your shipping info to your materials). Download step by step shipping instructions.
Questions? Contact bookstore@ncc.edu.

There is a $5.00 SERVICE FEE in addition to the shipping option chosen:

  • Regular- $7.50 (5-7 business days)
  • Fast- $13.99- (2-3 business days)
  • Fastest- $19.99 (1-2 Business days)

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